Key Dreams Charter Boat Service

Family Fun Fishing Trips near Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas of the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel CBBT and Virginia Coast

KeyDreams Family Fun Fishing Trip Pictures, Getting your Teenagers or older kids out on a Fishing trip is a Great way to enjoy some Family Time together.

We can take younger kids, generally 10-12 years old are big enough to enjoy a Half Day Trip, but they will each need a dedicated parent to pay attention to them and they will need to wear my Type 1 Coast Guard Approved life Jackets out on deck.



Capt. Bill and KeyDreams


General Information



KeyDreams Fishing Pictures


Striper Live Bait Fishing


Striper Trolling Fishing


Flounder Fishing


Tog Fishing


Family Fun Fishing Trip Pictures


Various Other Fish Caught


Cobia and Drum Fishing

A Skate Caught while Flounder Fishing

Kids get excited even on the small fish

Family Vacation Fun

All the Boys get out Fishing

Get the Kids out Fishing

A Family that Fishes Together ....

Fish together, Eat Fish Together

4 Generations having Fun Together

Mom teaching her Son fish

Flounder for Dinner

Fathers get their Daughters out Fishing

Family Flounder Fishing Trip

Family Outing Fishing Together

Take the Boys Fishing


Loaded up on the Flounder

Family Flounder Feast


Fishing is for the Whole Family

Getting the Boys Out Fishing



Family time Fishing Together

Young Man caught a 10 pound Flounder



Father and Son Striper Flounder Trip

Father and Daughter with Her Big Striper


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